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Michael Fuchs Galerie Michael Fuchs Galerie

Feminine / Masculine

Juli - August

John Bock, William N. Copley, Tony Cragg, André Derain, Silvia Gertsch, Andreas Golder, Thomas Grünfeld, Richard Lindner, Floris Michael Neusüss, Franz Reiff, León Spilliaert, Franz von Stuck, José Luis Verdes, Andy Warhol

If you want to compare femininity with masculinity you do not necessarily have to distinguish in black and white. The Michael Fuchs Galerie’s current exhibition shows that there also is a certain grey area. There is feminine and there is masculine and it is indispensable giving different attributes to those genders. Furthermore in fine arts its common to demonstrate explicitly male or female characteristic traits to strengthen the illustration of the depicted person. (...)

FEMININE/ MASCULINE works on two levels. There is the strict classification of the female and the male by showing their typical attributes. And there is the second level, where the unambiguous assignment of the genders happens in an less evident way or doesn’t exist at all. In this case it is up to the visitor to find an answer to the gender-issue. 


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