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April 25 – August 5, 2019

“Mail-Art has no history, only a present.” This statement made by Ray Johnson in 1977 has probably never been more true than in the context of today’s correspondence and communication behavior, specifically concerning social networks. Online, everything exists in the present moment. The information we create and circulate is transported by media without hierarchy or centrality, developing the artificial intelligence of tomorrow. Social networking as facilitated by the internet has restructured global society.

In this exhibition, Salon Berlin of Museum Frieder Burda brings together three artists from differentgenerations, with different roots and strategies, who share a common focus: an appeal to the viewer to become actively involved in the artwork, allowing it to fulfil its true purpose: only this “pact”between artist and audience brings the often ephemeral artwork to its intended completion.

An artwork always anticipates its relation to the viewer, which is intrinsic and immanent to its being. A painting suggests an ideal viewer position, offering the canvas as a window looking out on a differentworld. A sculpture in space demands that the viewer walk around it, adopting different positions; onlysuch changes of perspective allow the work to be perceived in three-dimensions. The theatrical andmedia arts demand an investment of time for viewing. Since Marcel Duchamp, and since the advent ofConceptual Art, artists have often tried to render the “dictates” of the artwork productive. What powerdoes an artwork have? How instructive can it be? What can be achieved by providing instructions for itsuse thus turning the viewer into an accomplice?

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Thursday to Saturday 12noon - 6pm 
and by appointment via salon@museum-frieder-burda.de
T +49 30 240 47 404

Free admission
Free guided tours during opening hours